The winning email? Ask A/B test

Find out what your contacts prefer to receive and improve campaign results.

Define email variants

Create multiple versions of your message by changing the object, the call to action, the pictures, or the header.

Set the sample of recipients

You can choose the number of contacts to be tested, in a proportion between 5 and 30% of your total subscribers.

Establish the success criterion

Best opening rate or click: you can define the parameter that decides the winning email.

Select the test duration

You can set the range of times after which the best performing email will be sent to the remaining recipients.

Automatic or manual sending

Test two or more versions of your message: you can automatically or manually send the A/B test winning email, based on the success criterion, to choose when and which campaign you want to send.

Track the results and refine future campaigns

Increase the performance of future sendings by analyzing data from each campaign. Thanks to accurate and user-friendly reporting, you can display both the entire set of all your sendings, as well as the details for each sending (A and B).

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