Perfect emails on all devices

Ensure the best display of your campaign to your recipients, checking the email client’s compatibility, the HTML code’s accuracy, the presence of spam words, and much more.

Compatible anytime, anywhere

Check your email’s yield on 76 mail clients (three in the rapid version), including smartphones and tablets. In just a few minutes you can see how your message appears across multiple devices, simulating scroll, and screen rotation.

Correct links, intact reputation

Incorrect links cripple campaigns and disappoint the recipient, consequently affecting profits and brand reputation. For this reason, MailUp analyzes a link’s correctness in your email and checks it hasn’t wound up on blacklists.

Better deliverability with spam control

Reach the recipient’s inbox and improve your deliverability. With just a click you can analyze your message’s content for HTML code errors and words that trigger spam filters and blacklists.