Keep your database updated, automatically

Improve campaign results with the automatic management of delivery failures. Because success comes from your database’s quality.

Reputation under control

Wrong email address have a serious impact on brand reputation and can extend their effect to the sender’s domain reputation as well. MailUp automatically processes those email addresses inside your database in order to protect your reputation and allow you to focus on your pojects.

MailUp protects your lists

MailUp automatically identifies and manages delivery failures. It provides you with all the information and the tools that you need to maintain your database clean and error-free, in order to guarantee higher delivery rates.

Feedback loop? Manage them automatically

Thanks to MailUp’s agreement with major email clients (Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, and others), receive a notification when your contact clicks the “Junk” button and automatically unsubscribes their address. The list of recipients who have completed this action is editable and exportable.

Start from your delivery rate

A smart and advanced bounces management leads to a significant improvement of the campaign performances right after the sending. Besides, this activity positively affects all the levels of interaction between the email and its recipient.

Make sure your messages reach their destination