Create dynamic, customized emails

With BEE, the MailUp platform’s integrated drag-and-drop editor, you can create emails and newsletters in a dynamic way with great impact and optimized for mobile. For relevant campaigns automatically managed.

Content management and automation in just a few clicks

With content sources and custom rows you can dynamically compose emails with feeds or by uploading a file. You have the utmost flexibility in creating and automating dynamic and relevant emails.

Build professionally designed campaigns

Drag & drop, easy and intuitive

Design emails in minutes with simple drag and drop operations.

Create beautiful, high-impact emails

Unleash your creativity and give life to your campaigns with a clear and highly attractive design.

Customize even the smallest details

From margins to buttons. With BEE, you have advanced tools for a flexible design.

Responsive campaigns, always

All the emails created are optimized for displays on smartphones and tablets.

Email creation

Crea, modella, ritocca e ottimizza le tue email per campagne personalizzate, ad alto impatto grafico e rilevanti.

Even more effective, with advanced content

Surprise your recipient with dynamic ads, personalized maps, or countdowns. With BEE’s HTML block, enter your custom code in the campaign and express your creativity with innovative graphic effects.

The New BEE Editor

The editor has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It’s just as fast and easy to use. It’s drag-n-drop and the emails you create are, as always, responsive.

Many different ways to create your messages

BEE is not the only tool for creating your emails. You can start from HTML, RSS/Atom, or URL documents. Starting with a blank email? The convenient WYSIWYG editor helps you compose your messages in just a few clicks. The choice is yours!

BEE is easy

Personal, as you want it

Quickly personalize your emails, inserting dynamic fields in the subject or body text.

Everything in order with a tag

You can associate a tag to all of your newsletters in order to identify it right away in the archive or sending phase.

Added effectiveness with the summary

With BEE you can customize an email’s preheader. An extra aid to improve opening rates.

All the potential of MailUp