Landing Page Editor: develop your database

Use the drag & drop editor to create a mobile optimized landing page. Feature your products and services, complete with registration forms. Want to launch news and promotions and collect new subscribers? All your recipients need to do is click an email or tap an SMS.

A model for every need

To create your own landing page, you can begin with a selection of detailed and clear templates: drag in text and images, and your page is ready.

From contacts to customers, in just a few clicks

Present your products

Use your page to showcase new collections or best-selling products, and send your sales through the roof.

Start a conversation

Let users who come into contact with your brand request a free consultation and be contacted.

Launch a contest

Give away prizes and incentives to collect email addresses and turn new contacts into loyal customers.

Offer free content

Expand your audience and database by offering free downloadable content in exchange for an email or a phone number.

A landing page that's in line with your brand

Use our drag & drop landing page editor to model the page layout in just a few steps. Many features are designed to ensure brand consistency—from email and landing page to website.

Publish mobile pages in minutes

Improve the display and use of the landing page by deciding which content to show or hide from the mobile version. Use the preview feature to see how the page will look on each device—even before completing it.

Only collect data that interests you

In a few clicks, compose your registration form. Customize the fields to collect the data that matter most to you. This way, you’ll offer the user a quick and easy filling experience and reduce abandonment rates.

Check out what works and what to fix

Each landing page lets you monitor the progress of your forms. Track how many contacts you’ve been acquiring. View their status details, which are associated with the referrer.

Want to know if the MailUp editor is for you?

Expand your database: test out the intuitiveness of our editor and create your first landing page. Try the free, no-obligation version of the MailUp platform and decide if you’d like to activate a subscription.