Médecins Sans Frontières Italy

On 12 December 1971 in Paris, a group of doctors returning from the Biafra tragedy, together with a group of journalists, decided to set up a humanitarian organization that made medical care and bearing witness its core pillars. This organization is Médecins Sans Frontières. Nearly 50 years on, MSF is now the world’s largest independent medical-humanitarian organization.


Médecins Sans Frontières’ new fund-raising campaigns have brought about successful results: the attrition rate (percentage of regular donors who have backed out) is on a downward trend, reaching -17%.

- 17 %
Regular donors who have backed out
+ 18 %
Partners with increased donations
+ 14.2 %
One-off donations
Médecins Sans Frontières Italy
Email marketing is now a fundamental part of our digital strategy. We are able to achieve major goals in fundraising and communication. Thanks to MailUp platform’s advanced features, our email campaigns results are constantly improving.
Luca Visone
Head of Digital , Médecins Sans Frontières Italy
Best Practice

Divide donors into regular, occasional and sympathizers, to send targeted information tailored to the behavior of each contact.

Track the performance of your campaigns, before and after delivery, thanks to A/B testing and detailed statistical reports.

Configura los filtros de aperturas y clics, y envía campañas de recordatorio a los destinatarios menos sensibles a las comunicaciones anteriores.