Municipality of Siena

The Municipality of Siena is the local administrative body of the Tuscan city and its approximately 54,000 citizens. Like all local authorities, based on current legislation, it represents the community, looks after its interests, provides for services, and furthers common, local development.


When it comes to an emergency, timely information is everything: technology is undoubtedly the wisest way to perfect synergy and collaboration between institutions and citizens.

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Active database users
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COVID-19 communications open rate
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Municipality of Siena
This Administration aims at investing more and more in tools to facilitate the relationship between the Municipality and its citizens. The goal is to encourage dialogue and inform anyone in the area about city news and events in real time. The Communications Service of the Municipality has partnered with MailUp for an effective management of the promotion and information channels targeting all citizens.
Gianluca Pocci
Communications Service Director, Municipality of Siena
Best Practice

Rely on SMS to directly communicate with users and customers in a timely way, ensuring message delivery and opening.

Link a tiny URL to an SMS. Upon clicking, recipients will be directed to a page with further content.

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